Meeting room in Kharkiv

Meeting room of the Kapusta Hotel is ready to accept participants of your seminars, trainings, conferences and other events. Our staff will assist to organize and conduct a meeting.

The advantages of the meeting room of the Kapusta Hotel:

  • Convenient location is only 2 km from the Central square of the city
  • Bright cosy room with an area of 36 sq. m.
  • Comfortable accommodation for up to 40 guests
  • There are all the necessary equipments: laptop, flipchart.
  • Price of rent is 400 UAH/hour (1000 UAH/day)
  • Reliable Internet access (Wi-Fi)
  • Guarded parking
  • Professional staff
  • Organization of coffee-breaks, set lunches and dinners, buffets and banquets.

The meeting room is especially convenient for meetings with non-resident partners and colleagues, as the hotel is just a 5-minute drive from the Central train station. Also the rent of meeting room is advantageous for events lasting several days, Your Guests will stay comfortably in the hotel and won’t waste time on their way. A collective lunch or dinner in the restaurant of the hotel will help you to get acquainted with new people and to summarize the meeting.

How to choose the meeting room?

It should be noted that the selection of the most convenient room plays a very important role in the success of the event. In order to avoid unpleasant situations during business meetings, trainings or corporate meetings, you should pay special attention to the selection of the room.

You should take into account the main criteria when choosing a meeting room in Kharkov:


Very large room will create a feeling of emptiness, while too small one may not contain everybody. You should choose a room only when you know the preliminary information about the number of visitors with spare seats, in order to those who want to visit a conference can always have a seat.


If you need a room for training, it is necessary to agree the necessary list of tools and equipments that are available for the owners. This will help you to relieve from the necessity to carry your own equipments if there are already such equipments in the room or, on the contrary, to bring the lacking equipment.


Depending on the audience it is selected the most appropriate location to rent a meeting room. If the majority of visitors are in the city centre, the room will have to rent there. If you are going to conduct training for your employees, you can completely choose the place that is the most appropriate for you.

The accompanying conference service.

A very important advantage of any modern meeting room is a variety of additional services. Coffee breaks, as well as a cafe or restaurant close to the meeting room will help to make the event more enjoyable for the guests. In ideal conditions, it is the best way to hold such events in restaurants or hotels, where your guests will be able not only to have a delicious bite but also to relax.